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On 7.0 MSN Messenger 6 October 2005 an artistic world organization came into existence- which has now 13 mouth and brain painting members- the Association of Mouth and Brain Painting Artists of the World (AMBPA).

AMFPA, well-known also in Hungary, served as a model for founding AMBPA.
AMBPA fights to the last ditch with the totally wrong idea that justifies the reason for existence of mediocre, meaningless works of art with certain technical virtuosity.
AMBPA is exasperated over the realization that innumerable hand painting artists in their surroundings follow this way. They are driven to despair by the tendency how people’s relation to art – not less of those working in fine art- becomes increasingly insincere and unimaginative as time goes by. The child will as happily look at paintings as draw or paint and will listen to a fairy tale with great feeling just as she/he would tell a tale or play.
Right in primary school at the entrance hall exhibitions those children’s paintings are represented who have been better able to render a still life with a basic form true to life.
The elaborating effect of thinking and creation is degenerated.They feel that their contemporaries – profound respect for the exception- have already got over that without putting up resistance at all.

Their goal is not in the least to caricature the mouth and foot painting artists. Their association expropriates merely the formal, publicational and distributional mechanism of AMFPA, demonstarting an other extremity with the odd mixture of irony and self-irony.

The mouth and brain painting artists mostly don’t paint. Above all things they brainstorm and talk about art. They parody and ridicule vacant tendencies, expose new alternatives instead of the worn-out art and draw up plans in the spirit of a more exciting, more sincere, more open and freer painting (art).

Only the one who oneself thinks as well can truly assess what public thinking and independence of social benefits mean, since these are the conditions of life and personal independence.

„ Never give up unpassed road for the unpassable!”

For those who don’t use traditional technique in their art or don’t use it in a traditional way, who don’t consider existing works of art as masters to be copied and trends as well-trodden „motorways”, but define them as fresh, wild, wide-ranging tracks searching for forward-thinking ways, who strive for a colorful/shockful life’s work and as a consequence of all these are not able to realize their work and present them in public, for those artists this association will become a big international family.
For these artists selling their works is more difficult than it is for their healthy fellow artists.
Their objective is to make this association a well-known phenomenon all over the world and this could be furthered by numerous exhibitions, awards, public honour and press reaction.

The association does not give alms for the brain painters who pursue artistic activity.They set high artistic standards for their every single member. They consider the artist’s intellectual ability important rather than her/his craftsmanship. This is the only way they can stand their ground on the art market.

The association that was created on the initative of Judit Fischer verytall women (1981-∞) and Miklós Mécs (AC.1981- ) promotes the unrestricted development of thinking artists, organizes various exhibitions and engaged in the possible realization, financing and selling of works of art and takes on the distribution of picture postcards, calendars displaying these works.

Following AMFPA’s example, as a first step AMBPA would present its members, their attitude, field of work, work plans, ideas and sketches in an annual calendar. The calendar would be made in limited number of copies and distributed in narrow professional circles. They intend to forward their annual calendar along with a letter introducing AMBPA and its motivation, ideas and a cheque to not-for-profit organizations, state institutions, a number of curators and art historians and to some painting teachers at the painting department of the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts. They act in the hope that the addressees realize the right of their artists’ intentions and ambitions, the progressivity of their works and work plans and their complex talent and calling exposing new, both nationally and internationally exciting alternatives, and support the mouth and brain painting artists’ effort both morally and financially or even the realization of certain works of art.

In 2005 2 European mouth and brain painting artists met filled with courage and responsibility to put a shared idea into practice. They created and association that stands up for its artists, turn the attention of the society to them and provide their financial independence.
The founder and originator Judit Fischer verytall women became the first member of AMBPA.

*Lines in white have been copied out of the web page of AMFPA
The pink lines, letters have been corrected to AMBPA’s taste
Blue lines have been completely composed by AMBPA

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